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Wilmington's Housing Market Post Florence is Going to Be Just Fine!

Although lack of inventory at some price points pushes some away from our area, the future looks promising.  Buyers who were interested in moving here haven't stopped the process.  They continue to call the office looking into relocation and also purchasing a second home.  Those looking to sell are tiding up any damage they may have had and ready to sell with those improvements.  WECT ran a story September 10, 2018 with information gathered from data from a Real Estate information firm ATTOM Data Solutions where they analyzed data from 130 metropolitan areas with at least 100,000 single-family homes.  Wilmington beat out Colorado Springs, Chicago, and Washington D.C. for the most predicted growth in the third quarter of 2018.

The Wilmington Area has so much to offer visitors and persons relocating into the area.  The obvious things beaches, water sports, fishing.  The local college atmosphere and all the events that it brings.  Various spots in the area are always offering cultural experiences; a variety of music and art.  For specific ideas look at my Area Info Page.